Media industry has changed the way the content is developed, distributed and viewed. The numerous channels, Hulu, Netflix, Roku, Amazon Videos, Jadoo, Xbox, IPTV, DVR etc also revolutionary changes in the way the media industry works. We have the right mix of technology and domain acumen, providing a wide range of services focusing on specific industry requirements. Our technology solutions offer a seamless experience to the end-customers in the Media & Entertainment industry.

  • Anonymize and create viewership analyzer dashboards.
  • Viewership analysis, strategic segmentation of the subscribers & Viewers.
  • Data tracking from remote click to sellable record.
  • Data Collection, analysis, enrichment and distribution.
  • Data correlation.
  • Data certification.
  • Thorough analysis of the streaming and recorded data.
  • IPTV products for dashboards.
  • Campaign performance dashboards.
  • Advertisers and revenue dashboards.

We have partnered with our media customers for new content product launches, enhanced consumer experience, scaled customer base, creating new revenue streams and saving up to 30% on operational costs.

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