IOD helps you make the most of your IT investments, from providing system integration solutions and application development to engineering services and testing. To ensure that customers get a far-reaching, 360-degree return on their IT spend, our product and service range is broadly classified under, Business, Product engineering and Technology.

We work with structured data sources like CRM, ERP, Work Orders, Product Catalogs and unstructured data like machine data, sensor data, sensor environmental data, social media.

We provide the analysis on sales lead, lag times and aligning the same to manufacturing time. We analyze the order management systems and report on order fulfillment data. We report on proactive equipment maintenance and yield maximization area. Our analytical solutions also provide insights on production vs waste metrics, Quality and grade and over all efficiencies of the machine equipment.

Our solutions in manufacturing industry are in the following areas:
  • Quality control.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Proactive equipment maintenance.
  • Overall operational efficiencies.
  • Customer Analysis.
  • Financial data analysis.

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