IOD provides managed services and support all BI environments, applications, Big Data projects. We offer our BI managed services in the following areas:

  • Consolidate the existing data sources to a data warehouse.
  • Build, Monitor and improve the data warehouse.
  • Build real time or mere to real time EDW, Data Marts.
  • Implement the industry best practices in the BI administration, architecture,
    maintenance, development and deployment.
  • Data migration, data archival, Master data Management .
  • Implement any of our Bio - Metric solutions and implement the Big Data platform on the same.
  • Support all our product implementation and provide most cost effective solutions.
  • Provide BI foot prints, BI road maps, Consolidation of BI environments.
  • Prepare, design and implement cloud intelligence.
  • Propose, design and implement the BI infrastructure.
  • Design, develop disaster recovery and regain data and access.
  • Conversion of traditional BI / Operational reporting to Intelligent self-service BI environment.
  • Customization of the IOD products.

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