Dr. Srinivas Kishan Anapu

CEO & Co-founder

Dr. Srinivas Kishan Anapu is a senior IT Executive and a Data Scientist besides being an experienced business leader with significant experience across a broad spectrum of IT leadership functions. Played a multitude of roles including Internal IT Head, Software Delivery Head, Customer Relationship Management, Operational Excellence Head and an Entrepreneur. Strong leadership and networking skills with proven talent for envisioning the big picture and implementing operational plans to surpass objectives and profitability targets. Have domain and functional knowledge in the HR, Technology, Media, Transportation and Services Industries.

Current work involves developing smart algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data Analytics with special focus on Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics. Very passionate about solving real time problems related to Government, Citizens, Health, Building Smart city components. Developed and embedded the Facial Recognition Algorithm into several gadgets and various products there by putting this to commercial use. Wide International exposure and has travelled extensively to US, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, China, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, etc. Possess strong background in Computer Science, Mathematics and Engineering, combined with over 25 successful years of IT experience working in different roles and various capacities.

Sudhakar Akurathi

Director – Finance

Sudhakar Akurathi already runs a couple of multi-million dollar businesses and is a successful serial entrepreneur Sudhakar is an experienced professional with more than two decades of experience emphasizing sales, marketing and business development. Highly customer centric with excellent relationship building skills. He gets first-hand customer information and uses it for improvements in products and services. He always acts with customers in mind. He establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect. He communicates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purpose. He talks beyond today and talks about possibilities. He can inspire and motivate entire units and organizations. He has brought creative ideas of others to market and has good judgment about which creative ideas and suggestions will work. He has a sense about managing the creative process of others. He has been an active member of large entrepreneur groups and he can facilitate effective brainstorming and can project how potential ideas may play out in the marketplace. He analyzes both successes and failures for clues to improvement. He experiments and will try anything to find solutions. He enjoys the challenge of unfamiliar tasks.

Sudhakar makes good and quality decisions (without considering how much time it takes) based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment. Most of his solutions and suggestions turn out to be correct and accurate when judged over time. Automation is word you frequently hear from him. He has designed practices, processes, and procedures which allowed managing from a distance. He has impacted people and results remotely in his previous organizations.