Health care industry is most complicated and is dependent on highly sensitive data. We work on unstructured data like EMR data, Pac's, Financial, Clinical trials, Radiology, Transcriptions, Medication, Laboratory, Bio-repository, Home devices, Genomics, Social media.

Revenue automation:

Our solutions provide a right platform to synchronize the billing, cash, and remittance data. The insights of these data sources will provide the estimates to expected accounts receivables and payables. We report on various metrics to top executives to provide 360 degree view of their business.

Intelligent Effective Care Management:

Effective care programs are wellness programs are designed to manage the member health. Our solutions are designed to identify the program & it's effectiveness, ROI and member analysis.

We propose solutions in the following areas as well:
  • Predictive readmission.
  • Detection of Sepsis pathways.
  • Analysing test variances.
  • Rapid bedside response.
  • Tracking patient wait times.
  • Home healthcare monitoring.
  • Chronic disease management.
  • Patient score cards.
  • Sepsis pathway.

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