iOD will augment your Data warehouse augmentation in building your existing data warehouse infrastructure, leveraging big data technologies to "augment" it's value. We will be able to leverage different types of data (structured, unstructured and streaming) generated from numerous internal and external sources.

Business Challenges and iOD solutions
  • You have too much data in your existing data warehouse and you can't simply delete or tape-archive some of the data - iOD will help you setup an enterprise-grade Hadoop product to offload data.
  • You need to analyse or filter data that is being continuously generated perhaps for real-time decision making - iOD will help with stream computing.
  • If you simply need a landing or holding zone for all of your new data so it doesn't fall on the floor, then iOD will help you augment your data warehouse with enterprise-grade Hadoop.

You need to augment your datawarehouse if
  • You are drowning in very large data sets (terabytes, petabytes or more).
  • You use your warehouse environment as a repository for all of your data.
  • You have a significant amount of cold (low-touch) data that is not often being accessed.
  • You are facing rising maintenance/licensing costs.
  • You have to throw data away because you're unable to store or process it.
  • You want to perform analysis of data in motion to determine, in real time, what data should be stored in the warehouse.
  • You want to perform data exploration and navigation on complex and large amounts of data.
  • You are interested in using your data for traditional and new types of analytics.