Job Applications

Their revenue comes from two sources. One from the premium services they provide the job seeker finding them the right position and the service charges for finding the right candidate for the employer. This portal aims to reduce or prevent such wrong hiring costs to employer by indicating the authenticity of the employee by various metrics and predicting the authenticity. This by no means, a background check.

  • Rank the job seekers by authenticity.
  • Capture verifiable achievements : Courses taken, Certifications.
  • Capture Project References for further Background Checks.
  • Enable Peer Ranking by various means number of recommendations peer recommendations.

  • Developed a model to evaluate the authenticity by extracting various indicators.
  • Developed a Social Influence graph for further incentivizing and product positioning.
  • USD $500 / candidate savings.
  • Authenticity improved by 65%.

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