iOD can help organizations with the following
  • Understand your big data assets.
  • Gain faster time to insights into your business.
  • Lower costs and less reduce in project deployment by not moving, replicating or merging data.
  • Improve productivity due to greater precisions and accuracy in having single view to end-users.
  • Lower implementation costs - Analyse data in source systems.
  • Not all data need to be moved. Move the right data into deeper systems for analytics.

iOD will help you explore and navigate your Bigdata assets. Discover the data
  • Connect securely to all 3rd party repositories.
  • Provide unified search and navigation interface - basic querying, what customers, what products, R&D, etc.

Assess the Data :
  • Identify the value of the data - what data needs to be moved for deeper analytics.
  • Recognize the users of the data.
  • Establish context of data usage.

Collaborate on the Data :
  • Augment the data with user Knowledge.
  • Create personalized views of the data.
  • Identify ongoing user and system integration Points.

Leverage the Data :
  • Build compelling application using all of your data LOB applications

Four Value Pillars of Bigdata Exploration for your business.
  • Leverage existing assets - eliminate data silos, leverage existing research and knowledge.Eliminate / retire unused systems, extract value from existing assets.
  • Improve Productivity - Reduce training costs, improve staff retention, improve collaboration, capture tribal knowledge, and eliminate redundant projects.
  • Increase Revenue - Equip sales and service staff with current, accurate info. Increase upsell and cross sell, reduce sales cycle, increase customer lifetime value.
  • Reduce Risk and Improve Compliance - Reduce time to monitor and comply. Push relevant regulatory updates / alerts, avoid penalties, and maintain a single version of truth.